Have you been bitten by Netflix’s Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up” bug yet? We realize that sometimes it’s hard to make a home cozy, yet simultaneously keep it minimalistic. Having “white” paint doesn’t mean your home has to feel stark, and being minimal doesn’t have to make your home feel bare.

Tips to make your home feel warm and cozy:

Tip #1: Select a warm paint color

  • For a warm, cozy home, you’ll first need a warm paint color. We’ve broken down our favorites for you right here! Pssst… gray by nature is cool, so if you want your home to feel warm, use a warm paint color. Gravitate more towards an eggshell or satin sheen finish, because flat feels, well, flat. You’ll often see it used in office buildings with stark white walls and basic gray carpet, which doesn’t exactly evoke that cozy feeling.


Tip #2: Incorporate wood

  • Wood instantly makes a room warm, even if it is just a hint of it.

Tip #3: Layer with rugs

  • Rugs will help break up the monotony feeling of a large open floor.

Tip #4: Blend old and new

  • The old and new will compliment each other, rather than clash and contrast.

Tip #5: Add something organic to every room

  • Plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables all bring so much life to a space.

Tip #6: Bring in small comforts

  • These comforts can be pillows or throws, something that you can see your self cozying up with.

Tip #7: Hang pictures at eye level

  • “Gallery height” is usually at 57” and roughly the average human eye level. To hang your pictures at this level is easy: measure up 57” from the floor and place a mark. Since you want the center of the photo to be at 57”, measure your picture top to bottom, divide it in half, subtract whatever the distance from the wire to top of frame and add that number to 57”. That’s where you put your nail in.

Tip #8: Mix and match

  • Your furniture doesn’t have to come in a set, and maybe shouldn’t! It feels so much more interesting to mix and match color, style or both.

When everything has a purpose, you have designed a minimal home that not only blends function and design, but authentically feels warm, cozy and thoughtful. With Bonadelle Neighborhoods, you can customize your house and make it as comfy as you see fit. We can provide the foundation, and with your personal touch, you can turn this house into a home.